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An order for ClearPath Aligners treatment will be cancelled and a cancellation fee will apply if any of the following takes place:

  •       Doctor cancelled his/her order any time after case submission and before the virtual setup approval.
  •       Doctor has not finalised his/her order within 60 days from receipt by COA and Doctor having being advised of one or more missing mandatory  requirements intra-oral scans, missing photos, missing radiographs, bite and impression.
  •       Faulty Impression.
  •       Doctor did not approve Virtual setup treatment plan within 60 days from first virtual setup uploaded on COA website

It is the policy of ClearPath Orthocare Australia and ClearPath Orthodontics that aligners will not be manufactured using patient information that is more than 60 days old and submitted dental impressions can not be returned to the Doctor.

 In all above situations $100+GST shipment cost and if setup is uploaded then $250+GST setup cost will be charged. 

 Cancellation is not possible if:


  •       Virtual Setup treatment plan has been approved. Full product fee will apply.


Cancellation conditions and fee applies to all ClearPath Aligners Products.