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About ClearPath

ClearPath Orthocare Australia proudly introduces its unique proprietary invisible aligner technology for treatment of irregular teeth.
Once a case is received it goes through a number of steps before it is ready for the doctor’s review.
This includes impression and records evaluation, digitization & integration of the records, computerized manipulation of the digitized model suitable for constructing a diagnostic setup, and uploading on website for doctor's review.
The whole process includes a number of quality checks and quality assurance monitoring to ensure optimum quality product delivery to the customer.
ClearPath is committed to post the online diagnostic setup for review by the treating doctor within 12 working days from the receipt of complete records.

After posting the online diagnostic setup, if the treating doctor desires some modifications, it will take around 3 to 4 working days to redeliver the modified setup.

In a situation where ClearPath receives incomplete / faulty patient records, the case is put on hold and communication to the concerned doctor is initiated to get accurate and complete records. This time period is not included in the 12 working days required by ClearPath for setting up the online diagnostic setup.

Once the diagnostic setup is approved by the concerned doctor it takes 18 working days to ship the aligners to the doctor.