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Acceptable Impression

Both upper and lower impressions are required for processing a case.
Impression material should have a longer shelf life, should be able to capture details and also withstand multiple pours without damaging the details.
A number of materials can be used. Polyether and polyvinyl siloxane impression materials are the recommended materials of choice.
Two step PVS impression material gives the best results when taken with a metal perforated impression tray. The impressions are to be shipped WITH the trays.

 Dear Doctor, Please find mentioned quality specifications and guidelines for elastomeric impressions required by ClearPath.
  1. Elastomeric Impression to be taken in two-step technique
  2. BLOCK DEEP UNDERCUTS before taking impressions
  3. All dental work should be completed before taking impressions for ClearPath
  4. NO tray exposure should be there at cuspal heights or incisal edges
  5. EXCESSIVE putty shows through should not be present
  6. All details TILL THE LAST MOLAR in all quadrants should be recorded
  7. No breakage of inter-dental margins especially in the lower anterior region
  8. No presence of “pull away” of heavy body from tray
  9. Review the Timing, Moisture Control, Proper Tray Selection and Technique
  10. When in doubt, repeat the impression and send multiple impressions
  11. Please use local made inexpensive metallic trays as they are kept till end of treatment for records and wont be sent back with the aligners
  12. Even for Single arch case, both the impressions are required

The impression should be perfect and flawless. Quality and fit of aligners depend solely on impression quality and details recorded.